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Agile Kickstart is an Agile implementation strategy designed to ensure success.


Your Agile Kickstart program will be completed in three phases:

Phase One:  Strategic Planning

All improvement must be built on a solid foundation. Allow us to facilitate a Strategic Planning session get to know your objectives, goals, and unique challenges. Together we will build an Agile implementation roadmap that sets you on a path toward success.

Phase Two:  Training
This three day interactive workshop provides everything the Agile team will need to get started. Our workshop enables participants to understand their role within the Agile team structure and give them the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully implement Agile.

This is not a typical classroom course – we use your actual projects to build your team norms, backlog, user stories, visual board and metrics.

Phase Three:  Embedded Agile Coach/Scrum Master
One80 doesn’t just leave you stranded during the most import part: execution. We are there to guide your teams for as long as it takes to make them successful. Based on your strategic roadmap, we will be available to ensure that your objectives are met.


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